Educator Profile Update: Karen Kowal

Karen Kowal of Mother Earth Pillows and founder of Pillosage.

Karen Kowal

Karen Kowal of Mother Earth Pillows and founder of PillosagePillossage is a groundbreaking modality developed by Karen Kowal that combines hands-on techniques with specifically designed pillows. Her thermal flax Mother Earth Pillows are meant to be heated in order to help therapists loosen muscles and connective tissue in preparation for, and during, bodywork sessions. The addition of the Pillosage techniques that Karen has developed can help to prolong and accelerate healing, rehabilitation, and improve quality of life for patients with chronic pain issues. To learn more about Karen and Mother Earth Pillows, visit her website.

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Massage Industry News Update: Social Media Marketing for a Massage Practice-How to Automate Your Posts

Newell Rinehart Social Media Marketing

by Newell Rinehart

Click here for a quick tutorial
on how to use tools
like Gremln and IFTTT
to take the work out
of Social Media Marketing

Massage Modality Minute Update: Write for Oakworks Massage Blog!

Have you ever wanted to write a massage blog article that gets read by tens of thousands of massage professionals? It’s a great feeling to see your name and ideas “Liked”, “Shared”, “Commented” and “Retweeted” all over the internet. It’s free publicity, and it shows your clients that you are a respected voice within the massage industry. Oakworks is giving you the chance to write an article for our blog’s Massage Modality Minute section, which is designed to provide basic information to prospective massage students, or current massage therapists who are researching a new modality to expand their massage practice. All you have to do is check under our Massage Modality Minute section found here:  If you modality isn’t represented yet, you can write and submit an article about it to All you have to do is provide basic information like Defintion of (type of massage), Benefits of (type of massage), History of (type of massage), How to Perform (type of massage), (type of massage):Tips and Techniques, etc…Read More

Massage Modality Minute Update: Neuromuscular Therapy

Information on Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

Definition of Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is a scientifically based form of massage therapy that focuses on soft tissue manipulation with the intention of rehabilitating the patient by balancing the function of the nervous system and the skeletal system. Neuromuscular Therapists use static pressure, meaning that the same level of intensity is applied constantly from ten to thirty seconds on the same point. This static pressure is most effective on areas of the body in which the patient is experiencing Ischemia, Nerve Compression, Whiplash, Postural Distortion, and Biomechanical Dysfunction. In addition to these problems, many patients experience pain caused by Myofascial Trigger points, which redirect pain from one area of the body to another. Read More

Massage Industry News Update: Social Media Marketing for your Massage Practice

Newell Rinehart Social Media MArketing

Newell Rinehart

Hi, I’m Newell Rinehart, Vice President of York Internet and PC Solutions ( ). I also work as Oakworks’ Social Media Coordinator, so I thought that I’d to share a few beginner social media marketing tips with you that will help you grow your massage practice. If you’re interested in using social media marketing to expand your massage practice, you probably already have a Facebook account. While Facebook is one of the widest reaching social media sites, it’s only one piece of the puzzle, so let’s take a quick look at a few more social media platforms and free online tools that you should be using to market your practice, and the best ways to get the kinds of clients that you want out of them.The first step in any advertising or marketing campaign is identifying the people that you want to reach. Think about the clients that you already have. What brought them to you in the first place, and what keeps them coming back? When you think about your client base in these terms, you may realize that different people choose a massage therapist for different reasons. Some people look at price before anything else. Others search by modality, and choose a massage therapist that seems to be the most knowledgeable about the services that they perform. Finally, some people expect a more social experience, and prefer to develop a trusting relationship with their massage therapist. Social media allows you to target all of these groups by offering them exactly what they’re looking for. Facebook is perfect for building a therapist-client relationship based on trust, because you’re interacting with your clients on a personal level than you can through traditional advertising. Twitter lets you get important information out to a lot of people quickly. A good, informative blog targets clients who are looking for someone with the knowledge and experience that makes them a trusted professional in their field. When all of these different efforts are combined, you give your potential clients more information on what to expect from their first massage session with you. The more informed they are about your massage practice, the more likely they are to make that first appointment with you. Read More