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Holiday Gift Giving…From Another Perspective

 By Lisa Severn

Lisa Severn

We’re a pretty close knit Sales & Customer Service group at Oakworks, most of us having worked together for many years. We’ve celebrated all manner of joyful events like birthdays, weddings, and new babies. And we’ve supported each other through more difficult times like illnesses, deaths, and divorces. So it’s only natural that we celebrate the holidays together. And the holidays and gifts just go hand in hand. For a few years, we did a gift exchange, drawing names with a $15 dollar spending limit.  I looked forward to seeing our collective creativity in coming up with an appropriate gift while staying within the $15 limit. Read More


Recovering From C-Section

By Jennifer Mercier, Mercier Therapy

Jennifer Mercier











In our country more and more women seem to be delivering their infants via cesarean section for nonmedical emergencies, such as failed induction of labor, or by their own choice. This surgical delivery can be life-saving in the event of a medical emergency. However, it is major abdominal surgery that includes many risks and possible complications; infection at the surgical site is common. Due to more severe complications such as blood loss, blood clots, and organ injury, medical intervention sometimes becomes necessary in the healing phase, which can take three times as long as a vaginal birth. Read More


Social Media Marketing Tips for Growing Your Massage Practice

by Newell Rinehart, Vice President YIPCS, Oakworks Social Media Coordinator

Newell Rinehart











Hi, I’m Newell Rinehart, Vice President of York Internet and PC Solutions ( ), and I’d to share a few beginner social media marketing tips with you that will help you grow your massage practice. If you’re interested in using social media marketing to expand your massage practice, you probably already have a Facebook account. While Facebook is one of the widest reaching social media sites, it’s only one piece of the puzzle, so let’s take a quick look at a few more social media platforms and free online tools that you should be using to market your practice, and the best ways to get the kinds of clients that you want out of them. Read More


Direct Access Physical Therapy

By Francois A. Prizinski

Francois A. Prizinski











As recent as May 2012, The American Physical Therapy Association issued a press release regarding early access to Physical Therapy for patients suffering from acute low back pain. The article was published in the 2012 May issue of Spine by Fritz, et al: “Primary Care Referral of Patients with Low Back Pain to Physical Therapy: Impact on Future Healthcare Utilization and Costs.” As congress continues to debate the best way to reform healthcare, a study like this comes out. Data was collected on 32,070 patients with a new primary care low back pain consultation and categorized based on time of Physical Therapy care. Those patients that got physical therapy within 2 weeks from the onset were associated with decreased risk of advanced imaging, additional physician visits, surgery, injections, and opioid medications as compared to delayed Physical Therapy.  Read More


When Did We Add “No Pain, No Gain” To Our Massage Approach?

By Taya Countryman

Taya Countryman

Massage started with Swedish massage, beautiful strokes that induced deep relaxation. Then with Travell & Simon’s book on Trigger Points and Bonnie Pruden’s interpretation, deep pressure was used to release them. I never studied Rolfing because I heard the pressure was so deep, the client was expected to scream though all 10 sessions. When I heard about Heller Work, I learned it was also a very deep technique. But in the ‘80’s, I worked in the Everett Providence Hospital Pain Control Center with clients who were in constant pain and I found that deep work caused them more pain. So, I kept looking for more gentle alternatives. Read More


Networking to Grow your Massage Business

By Irene Diamond

irene diamond

Building your massage therapy business is easier, faster and less costly when you incorporate a healthy dose of building relationships. Your relationships with people are what ultimately drive the success (or worse, the failure) of your massage business, because it is the people you interact with who will become your customers, refer others to you, and help you run your business when it is time to expand. Read More


The Hidden Costs of Purchasing Spa Furniture

By Jeff Riach, CEO, Oakworks, Inc

Oakworks Massage Tables

There is an inclination among massage therapists, both experienced and inexperienced, to purchase inexpensive equipment. The reflex to save money on the spot is a natural one, but can actually cost you dearly. Too often, with cheap tables, you get what you pay for. To avoid the hidden costs of tables, here are some issues to discuss and discover when choosing a table to ensure that you get the right table for maximizing your practice’s success. After all, aside from her hands and training, the table is the single most important tool upon which the practitioner’s whole livelihood is hanging. Read More


Ergonomics Play Key Role in Design of Spa equipment

Jeff Riach, CEO, Oakworks, Inc


People are drawn to the practice of massage therapy for one simple reason: Job satisfaction. They love the satisfaction derived from helping to heal others. Once they’ve dedicated themselves to this new career, and to building their practice, the next logical question is, “How long can I do this? Is this a lifetime career?” The difference between a ‘No’ and a ‘Yes’ answer often can be found in ergonomics. Read More

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