Social Media Marketing for a Massage Practice: How to Automate Your Posts

Just a quick tutorial
on how to use tools
like Gremln and IFTTT
to take the work out
of Social Media Marketing

Newell Rinehart Social Media MArketing





by Newell Rinehart

STEP #1: Create your Social Media Accounts

The first thing that you’ll need to do is set up profiles on the following sites:

Setup is very simple in most cases, requiring only basic information. I would recommend using either the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, then use whichever browser you choose for all of your social media activity. This makes it easy to log onto other sites using your Facebook ID.

Step #2: Connect all of your accounts through IFTTT

Go to and, on the “Channels” page, click the icons for the Social Media accounts that you’ve set up, linking them together. Now search under the “Recipes” page for the following recipes, and add them to your personal recipes:

Tweet whenever I post a link on Facebook.
Facebook Posts to Posterous
Posterous to Tumblr
Add Pocket Archived Items to Buffer
Posterous To Delicious
Cross-post link posts from Facebook page to Tumblr
Share Facebook Page posts on your own Wall

This set of recipes will automatically distribute your posts, pictures and links to all of the networks that you’ve just set up. And with the Pocket to Buffer combination, you can bookmark articles, pictures and pictures and videos to Pocket that your clients will find interesting, then Buffer will release them one at a time, spread out over the course of hours or days, to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Step #3: Schedule recurring social media posts with

Now that you’ve got a network set up to easily distribute your messages from your Facebook page to a number of other sites, you need a way to schedule and repeat them so you don’t have to log on 3-5 times a day to post. is set up to allow recurring posts, but your clients don’t want to read the same messages every day, or even once a week. Sit down and type up a list of about 30+ short messages about your business that you think would be useful to your Facebook fans.

These could be things like hours of operation, to directions to your location, mentions of current advertisements or specials that you’re running, etc… And since you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrences, you can write a list of holiday messages to go out every year, so you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about keeping up with your Social Media Channels. This tutorial from the Gremln team gives you a basic idea of how scheduling and recurring messages work:


This tutorial is designed to give you a very basic understanding of social media automation. I suggest that you play around with the different functions of IFTTT and Gremln. IFTTT allows you to automate a lot more than just social media (for example, you can turn appliances on and off with a FB message!) and Gremln offers great social analytics (measuring) tools that allow you to track clickthroughs on you links and gain a deeper understanding of your social media audience.

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