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Have you ever wanted to write a massage blog article that gets read by tens of thousands of massage professionals? It’s a great feeling to see your name and ideas “Liked”, “Shared”, “Commented” and “Retweeted” all over the internet. It’s free publicity, and it shows your clients that you are a respected voice within the massage industry. Oakworks is giving you the chance to write an article for our blog’s Massage Modality Minute section, which is designed to provide basic information to prospective massage students, or current massage therapists who are researching a new modality to expand their massage practice. All you have to do is check under our Massage Modality Minute section found here:  If you modality isn’t represented yet, you can write and submit an article about it to prweb@oakworks.com. All you have to do is provide basic information like Defintion of (type of massage), Benefits of (type of massage), History of (type of massage), How to Perform (type of massage), (type of massage):Tips and Techniques, etc…


Oakworks Blog Article Content Suggestions

For the benefit of our educators and article authors, we have prepared a short set of suggested guidelines for optimizing online content to appear higher* in search engine rankings. These tips are as effective on your own site content as they are for our blog.

Originality: Articles submitted to Oakworks Blog must be written exclusively for the oakworksblog.massagetables.com website and not reproduced or distributed to other (especially online) outlets, since this greatly devalues said content for the purposes of search engine optimization.

Promotion: Contributing authors are encouraged to include promotional references and links to additional online resources including, but not limited to, massage related professional organizations, learning institutions, and their own websites. Authors are also encouraged to share their articles with their own social networks to increase exposure.

Keyword Optimization: Basic keyword optimization strategies help authors reach the largest audience with their articles by putting them higher in search engine result pages for a given term or keyword. Once a keyword (or key phrase consisting of 2-4 words) is chosen, it should be used in the article title, as well as the first and last sentences of said article if possible. Repeated keyword use in the body of the article helps as well, but can actually hurt search engine rankings if overdone.

Length: Articles should consist of at least 300 words, but a word count of 500-1500 is usually best for both search engines and readers. Longer or shorter articles are acceptable, but they often don’t receive the same attention from search engines.

*Note: Certain keywords and key phrases are highly competitive and therefore harder to achieve high search engine rankings. These tips will help, but do not guarantee 1st page placement.

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